CXO’s Masterclass on AI/ML

This exclusive 1-day program for top leaders will focus on a hands-on approach towards solving business problems using Machine Learning. The courseware will help you develop an understanding of how AI & ML affects every industry and has been designed to ensure participants with no background in programming can enjoy it equally

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Program at a glance

Fees: MUR 17000 per participant

Pre-requisites: An inquisitive mind, no prior programming experience required


Introduction to ML: Background, Trends, Business Applications
  • Changes in society, technology; and evolution of AI/ML
  • Applications of ML in business and society (Examples)
  • ML vocabulary and stages of problem-solving
Introduction to Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
  • What is EDA?
  • Powerful visualizations and data-driven storytelling
Supervised Regression Problem
  • A machine learning problem will be solved hands-on by the instructor
  • Learn to make predictions of housing prices and see how AI makes the task possible
  • Demo: Housing price prediction
Supervised Classification Problem
  • A machine learning problem will be solved hands-on by the instructor to demonstrate the decision-making capability of a Cancer Detection system
  • Discover the method of predicting survivors of the Titanic disaster
  • Demo: Disaster Survival Prediction
Unsupervised Algorithms
  • Recommender System: How do YouTube and Amazon recommend products to customers?
  • How is the same approach used in solving problems like customized learning in education institutions?
  • Demo: Book Recommendation systems
Natural Language Processing
  • How AI has allowed natural languages to be interpreted by computers?
  • How does the AI algorithm perform natural language operations, like understanding of human speech and emotions?
  • Demo: Sentiment Analysis
What you will gain?
  • Become familiar with data science methodologies
  • Understand how to take AI-assisted, data-driven decisions
  • Derive trends & patterns in their business processes
  • Guide your teams using insights based on Machine Learning
Who should be attending?
  • Professionals, Businesspersons and any other individual in CXO level or authorized decision maker in their organizations
  • Banks & Financial Institutions, Global Business companies, VCs, etc.
  • Vice-Chancellor, President of any educational institute/organization
Participation Details
  • Participant fees
    MUR 17000
  • Entry ticket to Meltingpot2020 Innovation Summit in Mauritius
  • MQA approved
  • Please feel free to connect with us on:
Intel® certification
  • Intel® is our software and hardware partner for all of our data science programs. Intel® provides several optimized libraries including special distributions of Python, Keras and Tensorflow that make machine learning algorithms fly on Intel® hardware.
  • Therefore, the certificate will be provided by CL Educate, UoM & Intel®

Trainers & Facilitators

Mr. Sujit Bhattacharyya

Mr. Sujit Bhattacharyya founder of CL Educate and head of the technology and innovation efforts in CL for 18 years. He's a hands-on technologist, loves coding and Data Science initiatives in CL. Mr. Sujit is known for developing many data driven models for business and out of which one was patented.

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Program of the Day

Day 1 - Friday, 14 February 2020
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM– CXO Master Class on AI & ML

08:30 AM

CSR Next - An instrument for Corporate Innovation

Ms. Sujatha Kshirsagar (Co-founder, Drstikona)

10:00 AM

Master Class on AI & ML

Welcome & Introduction

Session 1:
Introduction to ML: Background, Trends, Business Applications
Introduction to Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
Supervised Regression Problem

Session 2:
Supervised Classification Problem
Unsupervised Algorithms

Session 3:
Natural Language Processing

Includes: Tea Break & Lunch Break

4:00 PM- 9:00 PM- MeltingPot2020 Innovation Summit
04:00 PM

Inaugural Session
Opening Address

1st Keynote

Plenary-1: Innovation and Economic Development

05:15 PM

2nd Keynote

05:45 PM

Plenary-2: Opportunities for Innovation in the Cloud Era

06:30 PM

Cocktails & Networking

10:00 AM


The Start-Up Ecosystem: Role of Business Mauritius and Mauritius Research and Innovation Council

10:20 AM

Start-up Workshop: Acceleration & Fund-raising

11:00 AM

Start-Up Next: Pitching event

12:15 PM


01:00 PM

Mentoring & Guidance Session

02:00 PM

Personalised Review and Feedback Session

03:00 PM

Vote of Thanks

*In partnership with Mauritius Research and Innovation Council


What is included in the course fee

The fee includes participation of workshop, Lunch and tea on both days, networking dinner on day 1, online courseware access to our learning portal and access required for hands-on experience on your Wi-Fi enabled laptops. The fee also includes an all-access pass to MeltingPot2020 Innovation Summit and to MeltingPot2020 Connect that showcases innovative start-ups.
Participants need to bring a computer and preferably a mouse and a zeal to learn. It will be helpful to you if you can carry a dongle or a stable internet connection in case of connectivity issues.