17 October, 2019
Starting at 2pm

MeltingPot2020 Innovation Summit 2019

MeltingPot aims to be precisely that - A MeltingPot of ideas and conversations with thought leaders who are immersed in innovation and value creation. MeltingPot also stays closely connected with the culture and context to bring maximum value for the high-quality delegates as well as provide take-aways to thought leader - speakers. CXOs, entrepreneurs, researchers, young innovators comprise our community of meltingpotters in every geography across the globe.

In the inaugural edition of MP2020 in Silicon Valley, we wish to focus on a carefully curated theme of talent, performance and wealth creation. World 4.0 and her impact in areas such as talent, GTM and peak performance will be the focus in our panels of experts while our keynote speaker - leaders will share their prescience and foretell the future to us.

Here's why you should be a part of MP2020
Why MP2020 is valuable to CXOs?
  • Log into the world of Talent 4.0 and GTM 4.0
  • Update about the new paradigm of collaboration with universities
  • Listen to success stories of leveraging talent on campuses
  • Access, excite and attract top talent globally to your company
  • Making GTM more contemporary and aligned with NextPractice
  • Interact with handpicked start-ups that could be tomorrow's winners
  • Build valuable capacities and connections into Asia through Wain Connect

Creative Disruption Through Academia - Industry Collaboration in Era 4.0

Why MP2020 is valuable to higher education leaders?
  • Listen to the real-world business-leaders and entrepreneurs who are scripting tomorrow
  • Build connections for better college outcomes - jobs, internships, research funds, technology, etc.
  • Connect with the university ecosystem in India/Asia for strategic partnerships
Why MP2020 (Bay Area Edition) is valuable for top universities?
  • Interact with architects of Campus4.0 in different parts of the world
  • Listen to real world leaders and entrepreneurs who are scripting tomorrow
  • Build connections and strategic partnerships in the North American continent with universities
  • Experience the throbbing innovation ecosystem in the Silicon Valley

Meet Our Speakers

Event Schedule

01:30 pm


02:00 pm

Welcome Address

02:10 pm

Opening Keynote
Andrew Ko, MD, AWS
Satya Narayanan R, Chairman, CL Educate & Founder, MeltingPot2020

02:50 pm

Panel Discussion - TechTrends 4.0

Chairperson: Arun Ramamoorthy
Panelists: To be announced

Talent 4.0 for the world 4.0 will be dictated by TechTrends 4.0. Such a talent can be nurtured only in a Campus 4.0 that sits on the cloud, and is agile, flexible, low-cost, ...on-demand (any-time/any-where) and collaborative between all stakeholders including other campuses or stakeholders within as well as without - recruiters, Angels, funders, collaborators, and so on.

Talent will be more globally mobile than ever before. Multi-language and multi-culture competencies will attract a premium. Skills and problem solving will be more valued than paper degrees. The working professional age will span 10 to 90 and not stay limited to 25 to 65! Corporations will house thriving learning environment and also be the new competition to universities.

How do you search, nurture and deploy the best of Talent 4.0 for your business? Battles will be won on the basis of talent alone more than ever before.

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03:50 pm

Panel Discussion - GTM 4.0

Chairperson: Mani Iyer
Panelists: To be announced

The importance of GTM for any new offering cannot be exaggerated. Notably, this is not limited to the first GTM of a new start-up but to any company of any size and ...experience. Perhaps, the CSO/CBO/CMO of established companies are even more challenged because of the prevailing mindset in their organisations. It is time to re-boot the GTM thinking.

DevOps, Agility, SAFE are just some of the known aspects of the GTM4.0 thinking. Newer aspects of GTM are unravelling themselves. Geography, pricing, customer targeting, languages, voice and many more GTM rules of yesterday are getting dismantled. Entrepreneurs and CXOs are either inventing or discovering the NextPractice of GTM. Listen to the insights of some crazily successful ventures and products, straight from the horse's mouth.

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04:50 pm

Panel Discussion - Worldwide Collaboration is the future.

Chairperson: Ramakrishna Akella
Panelists: Zach George, Leap Africa Fund
Dhanjay Jhurry, Vice Chancellor, University of Mauritius

Collaboration on an open, cloud platform for innovation is the new future. Innovation in a walled garden is passe ! Innovators and researchers are now a click away ...from the real world problems listed by corporations, governments and NGOs. Similarly investors, Angels, entrepreneurs habituate the same cloud environment. Collaboration on real time basis across centres of excellence from Silicon Valley to Tel Aviv to Taiwan to Cape Town to Bangalore is a reality today. Consider the following two examples :

A) Funds from the CSR budgets of HP and REC, focus area chosen is 3D printing and renewable energy, listed on an open innovation platform, solved by 2200 students in 20 different engineering campuses across India. 25 IP outcomes generated and a few turn into start-ups.

B) Or consider A fintech start-up in Kenya, listed on wainconnect.com platform, mentored by a professor and alumni from IITMadras, Angel invested in Africa and India, GTM Pilot with a large bank in South Africa, mentored by Gurus from Switzerland and Silicon Valley, invited to join an accelerated program in the US, raising next round of 2 million from marquee valley investors.

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05:50 pm

Closing Keynote

6:00pm onwards


9:00 AM

Registration & Networking

9:30 AM

Innovation Showcase

09:40 AM

Research Showcase : Multi-University Global Collaboration
Dr. Parameshwaran Ramakrishnan, MBBS, MD Psychiatry, Master of Divinity, Harvard & Research Investigator at UC Berkeley.

10:00 AM

Opening Keynote
GV Prasad, Co-Chairman & CEO, Dr Reddy's Laboratories

10:30 AM

Plenary Session : Making Delhi A Leader State Through Research and Innovation In Instituions
Manish Sisodia, Honorable Minsiter for Education, Govt. of NCT of Delhi

11:10 PM

Tea/Coffee Break

11:30 AM

Expectations and demands from Campus: The Corporate Perspective
Chair: Jitendra Chaddah, Sr. Director Operations & Strategy, Intel
Naresh Kumar Gupta, Vice-President, Samsung Electronics; Dr. Ranjan Patnaik, Director, DuPont Knowledge Center, Dr. Mangesh Karad, Executive President, MIT-ADT University

12:30 PM

New Era, New Jobs, New Skills - Prepare before the Demographic Wave
Chair:Anindya Chatterjee, Professor, IIT Kanpur
Gautam Puri, Vice Chairman & MD, CL Educate; CP Gopinath, Chief Integrator, 361* Minds; Dr Sidhhartha Mukhopadhyay, Dean of Alumni & International Relation, IIT Kharagpur

01:30 PM


02:30 PM

Future Building Through Young Entrepreneurs & Start Ups
Presentation by VCs - Tapish Bhatt, Vice President, CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad; Satish Mugulavalli, Director of Technology, YourNest Venture Capital; Sachin Malhan, Director, Ashoka Fellowships; Padmaja Ruparel, Co-Founder, IAN

04:30 PM

Research Spotlight: Solving The Language & Script Challenge Using Technology
Sanjiv Saraf, Founder & Trustee, Rekhta

04:45 PM

Research Spotlight: Predicting Credit Rating Transition using Text Analytics & Survival Analysis
Dr. Chandrashekar Subramanyam, Sr. Professor and Chairman Centre of Excellence ? Business Analytics, IFIM

05:10 PM

Closing Note by Satya

05:30 PM

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